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Precision landing

Thales Alenia Space Italy selected Pro S3 UAV Octane to be used for their indoor Terrain based Vision Navigation facility in Torino.



Octane UAV: custom version

A special customized version of our Octane UAV has been selected by Thales Alenia Space Italy to carry their high resolution guidance camera used to test and validate vision based precision landing procedures. It carries an high resolution camera with real-time downlink, capable of sending to ground station uncompressed images taken during flight.


Indoor flying facility

The 9 x 9 x 9 mts volume has been enclosed for safety reason. Inside this volume, an high precision infrared tracking system is providing positioning data to the UAV that has been customized by Mechatronics Laboratory of Polytecn of Turin.

Positioning informations are provided up to 1 mm accuracy.

Mars terrain mockup

A Mars terrain mockup has been realized by TASI based on detailed DEM and photo data available from recent NASA mission on the planet.


Guidance system

Images are processed, waypoint after waypoint, by a Mars Lander Simulator running on-ground  avoiding obstacle and selecting good places to land. Next waypoint is realtime located after analysis of previous one.

Images and movies are courtesy of Thales Alenia Space Italia
in the frame of
STEPS (Sistemi e Tecnologie per l’EsPlorazione Spaziale)
a research project co-financed by Piedmont Region and firms and universities of the Piedmont Aerospace District in the ambit of the P.O.R. - F.E.S.R. 2007-2013 EC funding program