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Research & Developement

Pro S3 2011 annual investement has been more than 10% of the revenue. Those fundings are entirely coming from internal budget and from some revenue from commisioned research coming from customer.

Pro S3 Main research area is related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and systems (UAV/UAS). Pro S3 R&D activities are focused on developing product belonging to mini UAV/UAS class.


Mini UAV/UAS are everydays more and more capable to perform complete missions, very useful for different military and civilian applications. One of the most interesting features of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is the capability of giving a full service to end user.

For that reason Pro s3 bellieves that a simple UAV product it is only the starting point in UAV application and utilization activities.

The different parts that contributes to have a full efficient and 100% operative UAS are:

  • UAV: the aircraft platform capable of autonomous take offs and landings, autonomous flight on given flight path.
  • Mission payload: what the UAV carries to have useful mission
  • CGS: Ground Control Station that let the user to upload mission files to UAV, monitor UAV during flight, manage UAV payloads
  • Launching device (if required): catapult for assisted take offs, avoid mistake during take offs ensuring repetitive and reliable take offs.
  • Mission planning software: necessary to help user in planning optimized flight paths according to the mission required
  • Post processing software:

According to our guidelines, the features / requirements that our UAS must satisfy are:

  • Extreme system portability that allows end user to easily operate UAS without the need of complicated and expensive transportation devices such as truck, trailers etc…
  • Easy and quick automatic mission planning with mission optimization software
  • Easy and quick systems preparation with time less than 15 min to be ready to fly, once on take-off site
  • No piloting skills required for user in normal operations allowed by total automatic take offs, cruising and landing capability
  • Total operator control over flight with high level instruction for in flight mission re-task (altitude change, waypoint corrections, position hold, speed change, landing site change..)
  • Different payload integration according to customer requirement.
  • Integrated data post processing, with supplied tools or through support services

Our research milestones

Activity begins in late 2004 to create a new ProS3 line of business. First flight attempt were made with an 2 mts span aircraft, powered with an fuel engine, where an autopilot system has been installed. After more than one year of successful trial and experiments, flight test continued on a new electrical powered platform with new success. Evolution UAV was born. New excellent flying performance, almost total lack of vibration thanks to electrical power plant, granted a fast grow trend in terms of automatic flying performances. Severals problems related to EMC, PID tuning, system reliability and flight endirance have been solved real time video and data link have been installed letting the user to monitor UAV position and flit data and see through the on board camera the ground below the plane.


November 2008: first automatic takeoff for Evolution

May 2009: first WAVE RCflight, new ProS3 design platform makes its first flight (see movie).

June 2009: Evolution was presented in flight at Torino World Air Games 2009. Several flights have been performed giving all public nice shoot of the airfield during breaks between games. Italian Television broadcasted live some images from Evolution on board camera (see movie).

August 2009: first Evolution fully automatic landing. From this time a ProS3 UAV achieved a fully automatic flight mission (see movie).

November 2009: First catapult launched takeoff for Wave (see movie)

  gruppo sviluppo UAV

Our R&D team (from left to rigth):

  • Ing. Daniele Camatti: Aerospace Engineer, 10 years experience on small UAV guidance and avionic systems, designer of all ProS3 UAV, ProS3 CEO and research promoter.
  • Mr Angelo Silvagni: RC modeler since his childhood, aircraft commercial pilot, aircraft maintenance licence, builder of all prototypes.
  • Ing. Mario Silvagni: Mechanical Engineer, 10 years experience on automatic controls, RC modeler at a world championship level, test pilot for UAV under developement.

Highly motivated engineers and professionals are the core of our research team who is engaged in a non stop research activity to ensure high technological level, reliability, performances of all our products and services.

Continuous flight activity ensures that our products are delivered fully tested, in every flight conditions in different scenarios.