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Evolution and Wave at Aerospace and Defence Meetings 2009

Great interest and public succes for the first international appearance od the Pro S3 UAV family.

First international appearance for Pro S3 UAV family in occasion on the 2nd edition on Aerospace and Defence Meetings that took place in Torino (Italy), october 28-29 2009.

With Evolution, the now fully operative prototype platform, Wave with its new pneumatic catapult launcer has been presented.

Both UAVs have been of great interest among buyers, attendee and other exibitors. Videos showing automatic fligth procedures attracted everybody interested and surprised by the UAV automatic flight performances.

Evolution has been presented in a fully operative configuration with its GCS (Ground control station). It has been possible for everybody  to plan a sample but real mission with few mouse click, test it on the simulator and see the live images that were taken by the working video payload.